Project 2010 – 2013/2015

With the support of

Perypezye Urbane (project DanceMe 2010 – Milan), Embassy of the Foreign artists Geneva, Micadanses


L’Echangeur CDC Picardie, CND Pantin – Accueil Studio, Summer Studios Brussels, Mains D’Oeuvres, ADC Genève

Credits in progress

By Luna Paese

With Luna Paese and guests

With the collaboration of (in different episodes) Marco Berrettini Lucie Eidenbenz Hazel Meyer Paulina Ruiz Carballido

Rerererewriting is a rewriting of existing materials. The starting point was the project danceMe ( in 2010, in which I was asked to produce something from Yvonne Rainer’s Trio A.

I decided to work with the context of Trio (the longer piece “The mind is a Muscle”) instead of working from the youtube video of the Trio danced by Yvonne Rainer alone. By doing this research, I discovered that I had a lot of things in common with her. My story and her story had some similarities, and it seemed to me that also some aspects of my personality were similar to her. I felt a sort of intimacy with this stranger, as when you read a book and you feel that you could be a friend of the characters.

In 2013, I started to research again the relationship/s between me and Yvonne Rainer. During my research, I discovered other connections and I started to build up a moving “net” that could help me to place myself in relation to other artists, experiences and paths. I’m not (only) trying to look for ancestors, but (also) for friendly spirits that can help me to look in a deeper way to my present and singular experience. In my research, “me” surfaces from a net of connections. A cellular connection between the past, the present and the future is made.

My relationship with the sources is not didactic and the goal is not to do a reconstruction. Instead, I want to create tensions and a particular relation with the materials.

« The reconnection with the past, then, should not be confused with a return to the past. After all, it after decades of neglect, I go for a very emotional reconnection with my father and mother, it does not mean I have to go back to live with them and behave like I did in the past. Again, the reconnection, revival, rebirth we are talking about is more like an actual reinterpretation and regaining of memory than a movement backwards. Mnemosyne is at work in this cultural movement. » Ginnette Paris

The project “rerererewriting” is multifaceted, developed through a series of autonomous episodes presented in 2013-2014-2015.

The different episodes are articulated around five themes:

The autobiography as a source and a material for the artistic production;

The relationship between a female’s white middle class body and different types of social and political contexts;

The proximity with a distant being, a ghost, a dream: here the relationship with the sources is the focus of the performance, I talk about romantic (or narcissistic ?) love;

The figure of the female, the a-female, the queer, the myth of the female;

The artistic system and its contradictions; the role of the artist and its contradictions; the contrast between the desire of being loved and the refusal of  compromises.

All these themes pass through my body, a physical matter.


The project is articulated through different formats:

Performance; Conference/Book; Lecture/concert; Re-enactments with variations.


I : Rerererewriting (« a fake relationship ») – performance

II: Rerererewriting (this is not a love concert) concert/lecture

III: Rerererewriting (the mind is a muscle, together with other parts of your body) – conference

IV: Rerererewriting – reenactment

V: Rerererewriting – performance

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